24 hours / 7 days Support (Call us first)

Whether it is for metallurgical support, check product availability or to help you receive products quickly, our team is always available. You will always talk to a member of our team; no voice mail.

Sodel Flexi-Support

Whatever the time and the day, our technical team is there to support you. (Flexi-Support video)

Industrial on-site support

Our technical team has the knowledge to help you optimize your welding processes and to increase your global performance.

SODELPRO classes

We offer customized training in the industry, in order to improve the performance of your teams in welding-metallurgy. Increased performance means that you will save money and time. When you make a bad diagnosis of the situation, it means that you used the wrong product and that you have to start all over again; that cost a lot of money in doing the job all over again and you might not be on schedule. Please contact us in to receive the prices.

General classes

We offer introduction classes on exotic alloys used in fabrication and maintenance and repair (very popular among schools).