The Sodel Vault is now open !

In order to help his customers to manage their fabrication and maintenance and repair project, Sodel now offers free of charge the Vault service to all the Flash card owners.

What is this service ?
This service allows to reserve product in order for you to never be in trouble without stock if an unforeseen situation should arrive or if you are expecting a contract. Whether it is an equipment breakdown or a new order that must be done quickly, the Sodel Vault is here to help you. It assures you that you will have the products at the right time while continuing purchasing your products through Sodel distributors.

How it works ?
As soon as you receive your Flash card, you can contact us and ask our team ( to put a specific product and quantity in reserve in the Vault for 1 month without any obligation to buy from your side. Every week, you will receive a reminder of the products that are in the Vault for you. After 30 days, we will send you an e-mail stating that the products that are still in the Vault will be returned in Sodel main stock unless you ask us to put them back for another 30 days.

How to receive your Flash card ?
The Flash card will give you several benefits. To ask for the card you just need to fill the coupon that is inside the Sodel product box and to send it back to us by e-mail or mail.
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Whatever the time and the day, our team is there to support you !

The Sodel Flexi-Support is there to make your life easier in a connected world. As soon as you have a question concerning an application, you just need to send us a picture of your part with your phone and to send it to us at with as much details as possible. Following the reception of your e-mail our technical team will contact you the same day and that 7 days a week.

Our target is to answer you in the next 30 minutes. We can answer you by e-mail or by phone according to your preference.

Video that describes the Flexi-Support :

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Sodel was proud to support Jacques Villeneuve Sr


Sodel was proud to support Jacques Villeneuve Sr for the Formula 1600 series that was held at the Gilles Villeneuve track June 6-7 2015.

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Sodel is proud to support Nocedal School (Santiago Chile)


Mr. Jean-Luc St-Pierre, President of Sodel has madeseveral visits to the Nocedal school in order to meet withthe students and their teacher’s.

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Sodel on Board of McLaren F1

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