Tool Steel

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In general terms, tool steels are used mainly in materials forming operations So, they are used for the manufacture of tools and parts required for different operations of forging, stamping, pressing, extrusion, rolling, drawing, molding, piercing, cutting, machining, etc.

The stresses to which are exposed these tools and parts are severe and multiple: metal-to-metal wear, mechanical and thermal shocks, heat, oxidation, softening at high temperatures, dissolution, etc. Steels must then be made from grades with well-defined chemical compositions in alloying elements(C, Cr, Mo, V, W, Co) and subjected to specific thermal treatments to meet their specific service conditions. Tool steels commonly used include A2 and D2 grades for cold working, H13 for hot working, P20 for molds, M2 for high speed steels, etc.

Solutions available in:

Covered electrodesCovered electrodes
Solid wireSolid wire
Flux cored wireFlux cored wire