Cast Iron

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Cast irons represent an interesting class of ferrous materials for a large number of applications in the engineering industry. These materials are defined as iron-based alloys containing a carbon content of not less than 2% with important addition of silicon (1-3%).

Cast irons are essentially ranked in function of their microstructures resulting initially from the alloy composition and the whole metallurgical and/or heat treatments to which they are subjected during and after casting. Indeed, there are several types of cast iron mainly:

Not all cast iron types are weldable. Also, special precautions are required for the weldable grades such as ductile and bainitic cast irons, malleable and grey cast irons. Furthermore, the welding process, the welding method and the type of filler metal have to be adapted to each case of welding repair or type of assembly.

Solutions available in:

Covered electrodesCovered electrodes
Solid wireSolid wire
Flux cored wireFlux cored wire