Water Treatment

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The filtration of water and wastewater goes through different steps and systems involving transportation, filtration, desanding, deoiling and compaction. This aims to get at the end of the processes a water meeting established quality requirements.

Liquids to be filtered and purified might be corrosive and charged of minerals, sand or other particles. The particles to be removed are more or less hard and abrasive according to their nature and shape. The treatment of these mixtures may cause corrosion, cavitation, erosion and also abrasion in the different equipments used for this purpose such as endless screw, pumps, piping, sieve, press, etc.

Sodel has a wide range of welding filler metals intended for protection against corrosion and wear. These products are designed to increase the useful life of your equipments while reducing maintenance costs.

Our experts can advise you about the right alloys to use to protect your equipment against different types of corrosion and wear damage.

Solutions available in:

Covered electrodesCovered electrodes
Solid wireSolid wire
Flux cored wireFlux cored wire