Maintenance & repair

Reach or exceed your targets

Whether it is to repair cast iron part, protect an excavating bucket or to support the maintenance department in your plant during a shut down; Sodel is your solution with our exotic welding alloys specifically conceived to reach your targets.

Our metallurgical expertise in maintenance and repair has help thousands of customers to reach or exceed their machinery’s performance targets. Our range of welding alloys as well as the knowledge of our engineering department can assure you of a customized solution.

Our technical team has a deep knowledge of the daily challenges in every industry; which makes us the perfect partner to help you increase your profits in allowing your equipments to be operational longer and to limit the maintenance times. VIDEO ON THE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR OF METALLIC SURFACES.

List of industries


Food and Health

Quarries & mining

Cement plants

Construction & public works

Chemical, Energy & Petrochemical



Plastic industry

Pulp & paper

Water Treatment

Processing, forming, machining

Transportation, naval industry

Piping & plumbing

Waste Management