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Brazing is the most usual process involved in the fabrication and installation of pipes in the refrigeration industry as well as heating and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipments. Sodel offers several products in different forms (rod, film strip, wire or coil, etc.) for brazing and soldering. These products meet the environmental requirements (RoHS: Restricted of Conditions Substances): lead-free solders, cadmium-free silver brazing alloys, etc. Sodel can provide technical support with procedures regarding different assembly on ferrous and non- ferrous metals and alloys: selection and application of the filler metal, type of fluxes, method of brazing, atmosphere, preparation and cleaning of surface (chemical, mechanical), joint geometry, post-treatment, etc.

Solutions available in:

Covered electrodesCovered electrodes
Solid wireSolid wire
Flux cored wireFlux cored wire